A Little About Me

Born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, my family and I migrated to Miami, Florida in 1978.
I went to university and  lived in Cleveland, Ohio for fifteen years. Quite a distance from the Equator yes, but I grew to love  the change of Seasons and the Northern light. In the Spring of 1997, I moved back South to Atlanta, Georgia where I currently reside in the Buckhead area. I am acclimating to my new hometown, but still miss Cleveland, my dear friends, the wonderful Cleveland Museum of Art and the un-paralleled Cleveland Orchestra. And yes, also the snow.

My formal Art education was at the Cleveland Institute of Art where , in 1988, I received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Ceramics. I also pursued an Electrical Engineering degree for  two years at Case Institute of Technology prior to Art school. I just didn't envision me as an engineer anymore, and instead ran off to pursue the more mind opening World of Art. I'd like to believe I've never looked back and I still can't envision me as an Engineer.

In 1993, with the introduction of my first line of handmade Christmas ornaments, YEEWARE was started. Since then, I have produced vases, candlestick holders, napkin rings and tableware for the upscale gift-market. Yeeware reflects my efforts to create high quality handmade objects that balance aesthetics and technique.

In 1994, after the purchase of a computer for YEEWARE, an Amiga A1200, I began to develop my knowledge and skills in Computer graphics and animation. Although I love my Amiga, via a marvelous program called Shapeshifter, for the last several years I have emulated a MACintosh platform.  I've learned the OS and gained experience with the various MAC softwares used in today's design world and have done free-lance design work.

In 1997, I ventured into the PC world, building a clone and learned DOS, Win3.1, Win95 and WinNT. I hope to eventually learn Linux . I am  now an  A+ certified pc technician, and currently do technical support for Mindspring Enterprises.

UPDATE: June 2003:

My experience with Mindspring (now Earthlink) has ended. In May, my department was given the axe without ceremony or the least bit of Fanfare. After almost 5 years of Service, I am now another victim of Corporate downsizing. I have lots of fond memories and a few good friendships. And so I move onwards.

For almost 2 years at Earthlink, I was a Webhosting technical support rep. This was my introduction to UNIX and LINUX. The experience was invaluable. Now recently unemployed, I am toying with and hopefully learning more about Red Hat linux. I am hoping to become a certified Red Hat linux technician.

I have done more free lance design work, mainly for CACHE Antiques, an antique mall where I have a large booth called Pish-Posh. It's a lot of FUN and some Profits.

I have also designed a few Web sites. See my urls page. Coding with HTML, Notepad, and some old fashioned blood, sweat and tears. Learned a little FLASH5 also.

The Friday before I was laid off, I was given a raise. No Kidding. I celebrated by buying a lot of new tubes of oil paints, a Large container of gesso, a gesso brush and some linseed oil. You see, I have been wanting to paint again. Recently I found the perfect source for the "canvas" for my new paintings. Wooden Circles! I have been searching for the impetus.

Yes, I've been threatening to Paint again! More to come, hopefully.